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Green Tourism

All our experiences are based on careful preparations and a thorough investigation of the subject and the place we want to reach.

In many cases, we produce an information booklet that is distributed to the participants and even meet with them for a preparatory meeting before leaving for the conference, the tour or the unique trip.

We make sure to adjust the level of intensity of each experience to the participating audience, according to their needs and preferences.

Accordingly, we build both the content and the logistical arrangements, including accommodation, meals and transportion from place to place.

כנסים וסמינרים
כנסים וסמינרים
סיורים מקצועיים
סיורים מקצועיים
טיולים חווייתיים
טיולים חווייתיים
טיולי בית ספר
טיולי בית ספר

conferences and seminars

Our office specializes in organizing and producing conferences and professional seminars on various scientific or social topics, alongside “side events” such as cooking workshops, standing in front of an audience, styling, interpersonal communication, etc.

Starting from the stage of locating the lecturers, building the seminar/conference program, handling participant registration, accompanying sponsors etc.

If necessary, we also include in the conference/seminar programs a visit to relevant projects and a direct meeting with the people behind them, in order to get a first-hand impression of the application of the theoretical content presented at the conference/seminar.

Professional tours

Our tours are focused on specific topics such as:

  • nature and sustainability
  • architecture
  • culture and art
  • education
  • Judaism
  • agriculture
  • community development
  • accessibility etc.

The tours are guided by our guides in combination with local guides, depending on the topic.

Also, during the tour we always include meetings with local professionals such as project managers, city planners, directors of technology companies etc.

Experiential trips

The trips take place in specific areas which are designed to allow the participants to enjoy the experience actively.

The trips will be around specific topics such as:

  • Wine
  • Preservation and restoration of unique buildings
  • Desert nature
  • Diving in unique sites
  • Extreme experiences such as mountain climbing and jeep tours
  • cooking and gastronomy etc.

School trips

Our office specializes in producing unique trips for schools, focusing mainly on nature and sustainability issues, with options of combining workshop activities, such as green construction in mud, field games, etc.

Our trips take place all over the country and include visits to solar energy facilities, waste recycling stations, entrepreneurship centers, heritage sites and more.