Dr. Asher Vaturi - EcoPlan Green Tourism

Our office specializes in organizing and producing, building a logistics plan, which combines seminars and professional tours in various fields, alongside creating unforgettable experiential trips in Israel and around the world.

Every trip and every tour revolves around a certain story that we create with you and that we will experience together directly.

Our seminars and trips move on the axis between knowledge and direct personal experience, so that every event is guaranteed to become an unforgettable experience. Our events combine knowledge and familiarity with the place, the culture, the lifestyle, the food and the atmosphere, alongside direct meetings with the people who make and create them.

This approach is a part of the concept of sustainability in its immediate context with nature and society.

On the other hand, our office is connected to unique attractions and events in Israel and the world, such as conferences and exhibitions, and allows groups and individuals to get to know them, register and experience them through us.

Our tours and trips will always be accompanied by meetings with local people, artists, creators, people of science and spirit, activists, officials and even representatives of the business sector. The trainings will be guided by local instructors in English (we will provide translation services as needed) alongside the Israeli staff.

Our professional team assists in the assembly, production and registration for these events while paying attention to both small and large details. Alongside this team, the office has representatives at the various sites, who are entrusted to ensure the event becomes an unforgettable experience.

The office is headed by Dr. Asher Vaturi, a consultant and planner, with a PhD in urban planning from Ben Gurion University, formerly a senior researcher at the Center for Technological Forecasting at Tel Aviv University and head of the Environmental Studies Division at Emek Jezreel College.

Dr. Vaturi specializes in sustainable urban planning policy and human, nature and environment interfaces. He advises and accompanies private and public entities, including local and regional authorities in Israel and abroad, in the development of projects and the implementation of sustainable policies and urban renewal.

At the same time, he focuses on the development of knowledge centers based on research, seminars, trainings and direct acquaintance with the field, together with the subjects studied and subjects of interest in various fields of knowledge.