Experiential tours

Green Tourism

Unique content tours

Our content trips are intended for those who are interested in an extraordinary experiential trip. These trips focus on unique angles that, without us, might be hidden from view. For example, tours following writers, poets and intellectuals, wine tours, archeology, food, mythology or building conservation.

The trips include:

Characterizing the topic of the tour, choosing the appropriate sites and recruiting expert guides from Israel or from the destination country, as needed.

Planning the tour from start to end

Coordination of content and logistics elements

Accompanying the group from the moment it boards the plane (or bus) in Israel until it lands back from abroad or from the bus to the pick-up point.

Content and leisure workshops

Our office organizes leisure and enrichment workshops on various topics and leisure tours throughout the city. Among the workshops:

Yoga and sustainability – connecting and observing nature, and performing yoga practices both at the hotel and at various nature sites such as the beach

Art and graphics – graffiti and art tours throughout the city.

Cooking workshops – visiting markets and homes of local chefs

Personal development and styling – personal empowerment, standing and speaking in front of an audience, clothing styles and in general, learning to look at our lives, react in a balanced way and build a better relationship with ourselves and those around us.

Management and leadership – employee motivation, management under conditions of uncertainty and a changing world, organizational communication, interfaces and organizational politics

Relationships – improving the ability to listen to ourselves and others, improving marital and interpersonal communication skills, learning to transcribe desires and setting boundaries, as well as controlling anger and falling in love again.

Workshops and nature trips in Israel

Renewable energies in the Gilboa – come to learn and get to know the unique renewable energy facilities in the Gilboa mountain, solar energy, electricity production from cow dung, burnt energy, wind turbines and more.

You can book a 2-4 hour guided tour, with or without lunch.

Possibility of a complementary tour in the Valley of the Springs.

Suitable for schools, and organized groups of 12 participants and more.

The green building at Tel Aviv University – a guided tour of the leading green building in Israel. Come and see how smart systems were integrated in the building, so it consumes almost no electricity or other energy, and wins international awards.

The tour takes about two hours.