Professional tours

Green Tourism

Our office assists in building professional tours, in diverse fields such as agriculture, architecture, environment and sustainability, education and community, green energy and more. As part of the professional tour, the group members are exposed to the way professionals in the destination country deal with issues similar to those they encounter in Israel.

The tours include:

Defining the tour – characterization of the topic of the tour, including the identification of the contents that can be met on the planned tour as well as the destination country/city in Israel or abroad.

Planning – planning the tour in detail, including the lectures and sites that will be included in it, schedules, the means of transportation to the destination as well as logistical issues such as rest, meals, and allocating time to process the information to which the participants were exposed during the day.

Information brochure – holding a preparatory meeting and preparing a professional information brochure about the chosen destination.

Preparatory trip – as needed, conducting a preparatory tour at the destination to visit planned places, to meet with designated people, to check the means of arrival, schedules and even the accommodation. This is done to ensure that the tour itself will take place without any problems.

Flights/travel and logistics – coordination of flights and hotel reservations, through travel companies that work with our office, as well as solving ad hoc problems.

Carrying out the tour – escorting the group from boarding the plane to returning home, and transporting them according to the plan, in the destination country. Solving problems in real time, meeting deadlines, as well as connecting professionals in Israel with professionals in the destination country.